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Tourism Schemes (ADS, STV, OTC, PS)

Approved Destination Status, Supplementay Tourist Visa, other Travel-related Companies agreement and Preferential Scheme

Information for Chinese travel agencies that arrange tourist travel:

Certain Chinese travel agencies may arrange tourist trips and apply for visas to Denmark and the Schengen area on behalf of their clients. These agencies must be accredited by a Danish mission in China and listed on the Ministry of Culture & Tourism list of approved travel agencies.
The travel agencies can arrange four kinds of tourist trips to Denmark. These are the Approved Destination Status (ADS), the Supplementary Tourist Visa (STV), the arrangement for Other Travel-related Companies (OTC) and the and Preferential Scheme (PS).

For further information see:

Group tourism (ADS)

This arrangement allows agencies to apply for visas to a group of at least five people accompanied by a tour guide. The visa will have a single entry to Denmark and the Schengen area and a validity of maximum period of 30 days.

The Supplementary Tourist Visa Arrangement (STV)

This allows agencies to apply for visa on behalf of an individual tourist or groups for Denmark and the Schengen area. Visas will have a single entry and a validity of maximum 30 days. Furthermore it is not a requirement, that the tourists are accompanied by a tour guide. It is an essential condition that the tourist has purchased a package journey via an accredited Chinese travel agency, as listed futher below. A package journey must at least include transportation and hotel reservations.

Other Travel-related Companies (OTC)

Travel-related companies other than travel agencies in Denmark are eligible for accreditation under the OTC agreement. Chinese travel agencies accredited to ADS tourism are automatically accredited to act as the Chinese agency for such tours. The accreditation of the Danish companies is done by contacting the Danish Immigration Service. This agreement makes it possible for hotels, cruise ships and the like, to be accredited in Denmark.

Preferential Scheme (PS)

The Preferential Scheme is implemented in connection with the China-Denmark Tourism Year and will in practice mean that applicants using a Chinese accredited travel agency (accredited by Ministry of Culture & Tourism and the EU) will experience reduced documentation requirements and experience a shorter processing time for visa issuance. Learn more about the scheme here.

The travel agencies must in all cases follow these rules;

The Chinese agency must be accredited by Ministry of Culture & Tourism as well as a Danish mission.

How does a Chinese company become accredited? The travel agency (accredited by Ministry of Culture & Tourism) should contact the Danish mission closest to its location BeijingShanghai, Guangzhou and request for ADS and/or, STV and/or OTC and/or PS. Accreditation documents checklist could be obtained by sending an E-mail to , or

The following rules apply for submitting these special tourist visa applications:

Where does an accredited travel agent submit the visa applications? The application should be submitted at the country of the applicant’s main destination (i.e. where the applicant will spend the most time. If the same amount of time is spent in two countries, the country of first entry is the main destination).

Applications are submitted by the travel agencies designated courier.

Usually, the agency may submit all applications at the Danish mission, which covers the geographical area, where the majority of the applicants are from. The applications do not have to be divided and handed in different cities.

Which Danish incoming travel agents can we cooperate with?
An updated list of approved Danish travel agencies, including their contact information, is available on this page.

What are the documentation requirements for applying for tourist visa?
Please see the document checklist for ADS tourism which also covers the STV and OTC. 
The Embassy may ask for additional documents or information from the Chinese accredited travel agency and has the right to call individual group members for an interview. All additional documents should be either in English or Danish.
Please notice, that presentation of the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee the applicant a visa.

Other important responsibilities of the travel agency

Visas are only valid for the period of the pre-determined itinerary as submitted at the time of application. If, for reasons beyond the control of the Chinese accredited travel agency, any changes are made to this itinerary between the application and departure, the travel agency has the full responsibility to immediately inform the relevant Danish representation in China by email.

It should be noted that changes to an itinerary may only concern points of minor detail, such as hotel bookings. In all circumstances, the group must travel as a group at all times and all members must stay in the same hotels. It is not permissible to change basic elements of the itinerary of the ADS, STV or OTC.

In the event that a member of the ADS group disappears during the trip the tour leader has the full responsibility to immediately report it to the proper authorities in Denmark, the responsible Chinese and Danish travel agencies as well as to the Danish representation that issued the ADS visa.

ADS Sanction Manual

Denmark has its own ADS agreement with China but still cooperates with other Schengen countries about sanctions. For more information about the sanctions see here.

Here you find lists of Chinese travel agencies accredited by the Danish authorities.

Please note that Chinese travel agencies accredited by other Schengen countries are also allowed to arrange trips to Denmark.

ADS agreement between Denmark and China
ADS agreement

Chinese and Danish agencies accredited to ADS

Chinese travel agencies accredited to ADS

Danish travel agencies accredited to ADS


Chinese and Danish agencies accredited to STV
Chinese travel agencies accredited to STV

Danish travel agencies accredited to STV


Chinese Agencies accredited to PS

Chinese travel agencies accredited to PS


Other Travel Related Companies accredited to the OTC Agreement

Danish travel related companies accredited to OTC