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Consular services

Read more about the services that the Danish diplomatic representations offer apart from visa and residence permits on this page.

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Legalization of Chinese documents

Notarization and legalization of Chinese documents (e.g. marriage certificate) required by the Danish authorities.

Before a Chinese document can be submitted to the Danish authorities, it has to be notarized by a Notary Public and then legalized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Danish Embassy.

When the document is submitted to Notary Public, it will automatically be translated into English.

If one informs Notary Public that the document has to be legalized, the Notary Public may make sure that the document is sent to the Foreign Ministry and the Danish Embassy, after which it will be returned to Notary Public.

If the Notary Public does not offer to forward the document to the Foreign Ministry, it should be brought in person to an authorized local foreign affairs office or agency, who will forward it to the Foreign Ministry and Danish Embassy. See the list here. After the legalization process, the document will be returned to the local foreign affairs office or agency.

If you are a Danish citizen holding a Chinese certificate, you may also bring your notarized document directly to the Legalization Department at the Foreign Ministry. The ministry will make sure that the Danish Embassy legalizes it and the document can be picked up by the Danish citizen at the Foreign Ministry afterwards.

北京:北京市朝阳门南大街2号外交部南楼7 邮编:100701
Legalization Department at the Foreign Ministry
7 Floor, the South Building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No.2, Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100701

上海:上海市华山路228号 国际贵都大酒店办公楼2上海市外事服务中心  
Shanghai Foreign Affairs Service Center, 2F, The Office Building of Hotel Equatorial Shanghai, No.228 Huashan Rd, Shanghai.

广州:广东省广州市海珠区赤岗友邻一路2号 广东省外事服务中心
电话:+86 (20) 8121 7589
Guangdong Foreign Affairs Center
No.2 Youlinyi Lu, Chi Gang, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86 (20) 8121 7589

For information on legalization of Danish documents > read here (in Danish only)

VAT refund

In general

Detailed rules regarding the refund of VAT on goods, which are taken as luggage and which are purchased by persons residing outside the EU are set out in the Ministry of Taxation Executive Order on tax-free sales to travellers residing outside the EU (sections 33-36) (“Momsbekendtgørelsen”).

A condition for a VAT refund is in general that a certified customs check is conducted of travellers leaving EU territory in order to verify that the goods are exported.

In exceptional situations, where it has not been possible to check that the goods have been exported out of the EU in the prescribed manner, alternative documentation can be accepted by the Danish customs authorities for goods purchased in Denmark.

Such alternative documentation comprises an import certificate issued by the customs authorities in the purchaser’s country of residence.


Certificate issued by Danish Diplomatic representation

If the customs authorities in the host country have not wanted to issue an import certificate, a declaration from a Danish Diplomatic representation to the effect that the goods have arrived in the country concerned will also be accepted by the Danish customs authorities.


It is a precondition for issuing the declaration that the Diplomatic representation:

• Is presented with the sales invoice or export documents completed by the Danish vendor.

• Is able to establish by having the goods presented at the Diplomatic representation or in some other acceptable manner, that the goods have in fact been imported to the country of residence.

A fee for completing the certificate will be charged in accordance with current rules > read here.

You can also read the leaflet from the Danish Tax Authorities on VAT refund here

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