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Food and agro 

The Food and Agro team primarily focuses on agriculture, market access, food processing, and retail.

Food and agriculture in Denmark

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Danish Agricultural Agency

Danish Fishery Agency

Danish Agriculture and Food Council

Food nation

The food, agriculture and fisheries team at the Embassy
The food, agriculture and fisheries team at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in China is highly specialized within the sector, and works at various levels to support bilateral cooperation between the Danish and Chinese authorities and Danish food exports to China. 
  • Market access
  • Export promotion and digital sales
  • Sustainable animal production, (biosecurity, genetics, feed, veterinary medicines use, stable design and management)
  • Food processing and food ingredients
  • Aquaculture and fisheries production and managing
  • Sustainable grain production

Supporting this is also the Strategic Sector Cooperation on food safety, food loss and food waste that facilitates knowledge exchange between Danish and Chinese experts, and generates a platform for Danish companies to showcase and promote their knowledge and solutions to achieve a sustainable ‘farm-to-fork’ food production.