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Energy Team

Green energy is a top priority on the global agenda and China is a leading investor in the renewable energy revolution.

Chinas goal of peaking carbon emissions before 2030 and reach neutrality before 2060, requires huge investments in improving the energy efficiency and in efficient production of Green power. Read more by clicking here

As part of The Trade Council in China, the Energy Team provides consultancy services focusing on energy and maritime sectors in China: 

  • Offshore and onshore wind and solar
  • District Heating and cooling
  • Sustainable Cities & Buildings 
  • Green energy solutions like P2X (hydrogen, biofuel) and biomass 
  • Energy efficiency in Industries
  • Sourcing of electricity and power market reforms.
  • Maritime - Shipbuilding, Harbour Service and Green fuels. 

The Energy Team’s professional skills range from sector expertise to deep insight in and contacts to Chinese public authorities, institutions and State Owned Enterprises. The team consists of specialised and dedicated employees, who are ready to assist you in relation to opportunities and challenges when doing business in China’s energy and maritime sector.

The targets and drivers for a more sustainable growth in China are strong. There is a substantial need for advanced technology and Danish experience within the energy and maritime sectors in China. Our role is to support the Danish companies in transforming this need into demand for Danish solutions. Our teams can also support Danish companies in ensuring a sustainable and efficient supply chain and production.

The particular strength of the Trade Council’s Energy Team is in-depth knowledge of the political framework through our valuable network with public institutions and the market actors. Government relations are very important in China and our unique access to the right people and information represents one of our key competences.

Team leader for Energy

Mr. Henrik Bruun Martens
Counsellor, Team Leader Energy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 (10) 8532 9906