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Royal Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou


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Organisation information

Consul General
Ms. Anja Villefrance

Consul, Team Leader Visa & Consular Affairs
Mr. Mogens P. Pedersen

Consul, Team Leader Administration & Accounting
Ms. Pernille Hartmann

Senior Commercial Officer
Ms. Yan Law

Senior Commercial Officer
Ms. Jianru Cen

Junior Commercial Officer
Mr. Jiabin Gao

Visa & Consular Affairs

Consul, Team Leader
Mr. Mogens P. Pedersen 
Visa & Consular Officers
Ms. Jette Kældsø Bjerregaard 
Ms. Hua Xu 
Ms. Biling Liu
Mr.  Michael Jørgensen
Mr.  Kristian Hviid Nielsen
Mr.  Lasse Lotzkat Thorsen
Mr.  Daniel Blauenfeldt
Mr. Janus Søndergaard Hjorth
Mr. Lasse Agerholm
Ms. Melanie Millar
Ms. Xiaoqin Wu
Mr.  Zhikun Wu
Ms. Liyuan Zhou
Ms. Yueer Li
Ms. Zijian Luo
Ms. Jing Wang
Ms. Tingting Liu

Visa and consular affairs emails: (Visa matters) (Consular affairs)
Telephone Contacts:
+86 (20) 2829 7339(Visa matters,2pm-3pm, Monday-Friday)
+86 (20) 2829 7300(Consular affairs)

Senior Financial and Administrative Officer
Ms. Yuyan Xiao

Administrative Officer (PA to CG, Project Coordinator)
Ms. Li Wang

Administrative Officer (Reception)
Ms. Ziyin Chen

Mr. Xinchao Wu

Mr. Nicolaj Jødal O’Keeffe
Mr. Hjalte Tikær Andersen
Ms. Ziting Song  
Ms. Huiqing Huang 
Ms. Jiayao Zhang 

Address and contact information, office hours and map to representation

Suite 1578
China Hotel, Office Tower
Liu Hua Lu
Guangzhou 510015
People's Republic of China

Address in Chinese:
中国 广东省广州市 流花路 中国大酒店 商业大厦1578室510015

If using Google Map, kindly search for “China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel”
Phone: +86 (20) 2829 7300
Fax: +86 (20) 8667 0315

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00
Visa section office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-11:00
Telephone enquiries regarding visa: Monday to Friday, 14:00-15:00

Map to Consulate General: Download here



Closing Days

Closing days 2019:

Tuesday, January 1 (New Year's Day)

Monday, February 4 (Chinese New Year)

Tuesday, February 5th (Chinese New Year)

Wednesday, February 6 (Chinese New Year)

Friday, April 19th (Good Friday)

Wednesday, May 1 (International Worker's Day)

Tuesday, October 1 (National Holiday)

Wednesday, October 2 (National Holiday)

Thursday, October 3 (National Holiday)

Tuesday, December 24th (Christmas / New Year)

Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas / New Year)

Thursday, December 26th (Christmas / New Year)

Friday, December 27th (Christmas / New Year)

Monday, December 30th (Christmas / New Year)

Tuesday, December 31 (Christmas / New Year)

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Consulate General in Guangzhou
Phone: +86 (20) 2829 7300