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Denmark's Strategic Partnership with China

In 2008, Denmark entered into the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with China. The Partnership provides a framework for cooperation and focuses on the areas where Denmark and China agree to intensify cooperation. The Strategic Partnership ushered in a new era in the bilateral relationship between Denmark and China, including the start of strategic sector cooperation, which today has been further expanded and forms the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship.
The Partnership identifies a number of focus areas where Denmark and China have agreed to intensify cooperation in the years to come. The focus areas include:
  • Strengthening political dialogue between Denmark and China, including frequent high-level visits
  • Climate and environment
  • Energy and maritime
  • Food and agriculture
  • Improved public health and welfare
  • Research, innovation and education
A substantial area of focus in the partnership between China and Denmark is sustainable green cooperation across all sectors. You can read more about Denmark-China green cooperation here (link to Green Diplomacy). 

Joint Work Program

In 2017, to further enrich the implementation of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, Denmark and the People’s Republic of China launched the China-Denmark Joint Work Programme 2017-2020. The work programme contains concrete agreements on cooperation involving 80 Danish and Chinese authorities. The next phase of the work programme will be launched in 2020 and will coincide with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and Denmark.
A key focus area in the work programme is to foster links with Chinese provinces and cities. This is because local authorities in China have considerable decision-making power in the development of sector policy, investment decisions and so on. Provinces in China, with up to a 100 million citizens, are equivalent to medium size European economies. Their increasing urbanization requires large investments in energy, environment, infrastructure, education, health and welfare. In connection to this, Danish stakeholders (including Danish cities, regions and businesses) have expertise that is in high demand among many Chinese cities. Many Danish cities and regions have therefore cooperated with Chinese partners, and this is an important supplement to Denmark’s broader cooperation with the central government in China.
You can download the Joint Work Programme here.