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Danfoss China participates in "Danish culture"-training at ICDK

05.12.2018  03:19

Downsized Jakob

In the end of November, ICDK Shanghai hosted 18 Chinese Danfoss employees from different Danfoss departments in China for a workshop about Denmark and Danish culture. The workshop, which took place at the Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai, was a full-day event with ‘Danish work culture’ as the main topic.

Danish and Chinese culture - How different are we really? And how similar are we?
The first part of the agenda consisted of topical presentations, e.g. Denmark in China, Danish working culture etc. delivered by the ICDK team. The participants from Danfoss clearly already had a good knowledge of Denmark and hence the morning developed with interesting discussions and dialogue.

The afternoon program offered a rather active workshop, with role-plays executed by the ICDK team and group work for the participants.

For this part of the workshop, the emphasis was on differences and similarities in Danish/Chinese work culture and society more broadly. The participants were asked to answer different questions, e.g. Which cultural differences have you experienced in your work for Danfoss or previously in your career?, by drawing their answers on paper rather than explaining with words. Guessing each other’s answers developed into a very amusing and educating exercise, while also creating the grounds for reflexivity on how these cultural differences could be understood and accepted.

Throughout the day the participants also had the possibility identifying the areas where Danes and Chinese share similarities and have the same values and ways of thinking, which also was an important aspect of the culture training.

Danish Christmas dinner wrap-up
Last item on the programme was drinks and dinner at the residence of the Consul General, Jakob Linulf. A delicious, traditional Danish Christmas dinner followed by a Danish Christmas gift exchange game was in order as the last cultural element of the day.

Positive outcomes for Danish companies in China
Danfoss was the first group to participate in the brand new ‘Work for Denmark’-concept developed by Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai.
The ‘Work for Denmark’ workshops are tailor-made solutions offered to Danish companies in China, with the aim of onboarding new employees and ease collaboration by creating a more dynamic work environment among Danish and Chinese colleagues.

If you are interested in a ‘Work for Denmark’ workshop for your Danish company in China, please contact executive director, Søren Boutrup.


Pictures from the day:

Danfoss 1


Work for Denmark


Danfoss 2


Danfoss 3




Danfoss 5