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Blockchain: New opportunities for Danish companies in China

14.05.2019  09:01

A new initiative, Blockchain Business Bridge, will strengthen Denmark’s international position in the area of blockchain innovation and bring two of the world’s leading blockchain cities – Copenhagen and Shanghai – closer together.

Blockchain Business Bridge

In a new partnership between Danish and Chinese actors, the project Blockchain Business Bridge aims to strengthen the Danish blockchain industry and create a closer cooperation between the blockchain ecosystems of Copenhagen and Shanghai.

The Danish Industry Foundation made the two-year project possible with a grant. “Our goal is to give Danish companies a better understanding of the blockchain technology through a series of different projects,” says Executive Director Thomas Hofman-Bang. According to the Danish Industry Foundation, the purpose of the blockchain initiative is twofold. First, to help Danish companies understand the blockchain technology better, and second, to find out whether blockchain can give the companies a competitive advantage and generate new business. “A natural part of this process is to look towards China where different players already use the technology in a variety of different ways.”

$600,000 grant enables the Danish-Chinese initiative

With the grant from the Danish Industry Foundation, the Danish partners are ready to launch the Blockchain Business Bridge initiative. The project will connect Copenhagen’s blockchain industry with the knowledge and experience of the blockchain ecosystem of Shanghai.

China has really embraced the blockchain technology, and here in Shanghai we have managed to gather some of the heaviest players in the ecosystem who support the project – such as the Blockchain Research Institute of Tongji University,” says Søren Boutrup, the executive director of Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai. He explains that in addition to bringing Danish companies to China, the project will also help Chinese companies enter the Danish market. “We are bridging two of the world’s strongest blockchain communities and creating new opportunities for Danish businesses.”

Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai is leading the project, which is expected to run from May 2019 until April 2021. The other Danish partners are the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish-Chinese Business Forum and the European Blockchain Center of the IT University of Copenhagen.

Blockchain events, accelerator and twin incubator

The initial phase of the project will be a mapping of the Shanghai blockchain ecosystem. The mapping will be followed by a study trip for Danish companies in 2020, kick starting a Danish-Chinese blockchain accelerating programme. Finally, the partners will launch a twin incubator with centres in both Shanghai and Copenhagen.

Contact us to learn more and join the project:

Ran Zhao
Fintech Innovation Officer, Innovation Centre Denmark
(+86) 159 0184 9534,

Ole Østrup
Head of Communications, The Danish Industry Foundation
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