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Trade Council China offers you our good reputation and strong network on a platform which includes everything from strategic planning and market research to visit programs and global public affairs.

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Company establishments

Trade Council China has over the years registered a large number of Danish companies in China. Due to our experience and our good network with relevant Chinese authorities, we provide high quality and high speed solutions.

Our starting point is to understand the type of company in order to decide what company our clients needs.

When the most appropriate company type has been decided upon, we will then take care of all the paperwork and formalities.

We have helped Danish companies to establish a wide variety of company types including:

  • Representative Offices
  • Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprises (FICE)
  • Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOE)
  • Joint Ventures (JV)
  • Hong Kong companies

The Trade Council’s professional team of advisors is ready to assist your company establishing a company in China.

Global Public Affairs

The Trade Council specialises in dealing with political and commercial factors through its Global Public Affairs services.

Success in the Chinese market is about more than just having good products, prices, partners and customers. Knowledge about Chinese and international legislation as well as good relations with authorities can prove crucial.

Through its GPA services The Trade Council can help clients identify, prioritize and liaise with key stakeholders, thus providing companies with a good overview and access to Chinese decision makers. This also applies when companies need information about changes in framework conditions such as legislation, customs tariffs and other market conditions in China. An overview of legislation and relevant political actors can also be vital when solving disputes.

The Trade Council offers Danish companies the following GPA products and services:

• Stakeholder management: Assist Danish companies in systematic and strategic 
   identification, creation and maintenance of relations and network to important
   stakeholders in China

• Intelligence/trade policy: Create a better decision making foundation for the Danish
   companies, including mapping of political processes and legislation, such as the
   12th 5-Year Plan, as well as protectionist issues and trade barriers.

• Dispute resolution: Assisting companies in solving disputes before they develop
   into full-blown national or international court cases.

Challenges are not identical, neither are solutions. Therefore, The Trade Council tailors solutions to suit the needs of each individual company, often consisting of a combination of the different GPA services.  

Intellectual property rights

Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China and Hong Kong has increased significantly, as evidenced by the tremendous increase in IPR applications plus a growing number of IP-related court cases.

An introduction to intellectual property rights in China

Prepared by The Trade Council in collaboration with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. 

With its size and immense growth, China holds a lot of potential for Danish companies. But there are also potential difficulties that need to be addressed and one of the most important ones is Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

If you therefore are planning to do business in China or if you are already trading there, it is essential to know how to use, guard and enforce your right to your company name, logo, design or your invention.

At The Trade Council we have therefore prepared a comprehensive IPR guideline, with the purpose of making your entry into China as successful as possible. Please see the IPR guidelines for further details.

Market research

Most companies turn to consultancy assistance when approaching China.

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are applied when assessing the market potentials and the perception of brands and products. Several companies operating in China are faced with problems arising from unreliable data compiled from public sources. This is due to several factors, not least the pace of the development on the Chinese market.

Moreover, China is in many ways still a developing market with a typical deficient data collection system. Therefore, quantitative data can rarely be fully trusted and will not provide in depth knowledge of the potential of the brand. It is also unlikely that any quantitative data can answer all the questions your company might seek answers to when entering a new market such as China.

The Trade Council’s professional team of Danish sector experts and local commercial officers can assist your company with a market research based on your needs. We have years of experience on the Chinese market. Depending on your needs we can conduct market research, compile and process data and conducts in-depth interviews with both experts and focus groups. We have successfully assisted a broad range of Danish companies and the outcome of the market researches has been key intelligence for the companies when developing their China strategy.

Press and social media

The Chinese media landscape is a big jungle with more than 3,000 tv-channels, 10,000 newspapers and magazines and nearly 700 million internet users that spend more than 25 hours on the internet per week.

The Danish representations in China have a great working experience in handling these daunting numbers and securing the best coverage for Denmark, Danish values and companies in China.

Our events have been featured in both mainstream media such as CCTV, Hunan TV, Xinhua, People's Daily, Beijing News, 21st Century Business Herald, Global Times, China Daily, China Radio International and many more.

We have a large media data base with more than 700 reporters and media contacts which cover a large variety of areas.

We also work with new media such as Sina and Tencent on their platforms Weibo and Wechat. The Danish representations have a large following on social media, which we use for both online and offline events that are well-received in the Chinese public.

We have an established social media network to tap into - we have successfully branded Denmark through social media in China professionally for many years.

The Danish representations can offer a variety of media services including but not limited to:

  • Traditional media handling such as press releases and invitations
  • Contact to specialized Chinese media that you want to focus on
  • Chinese media surveillance
  • Branding of Denmark and Danish products through offline and online promotion events
  • Social media packages which can reach your demographic target group
  • Analysis on how to best reach out to a Chinese audience

Partner search

A partner search may very well be the most important investment you and your company will make when approaching a new market.

Identification of a partner on the Chinese market will most likely will consume a large share of your resources in terms of energy, money, and time. To a great extent, success and sustainability of a business project depends on the local business partner’s ability and will to make business. It is therefore important for a company to find the right business partner abroad.

Identification of a partner begins with you and your company defining the criteria which are pivotal for your choice of partner in China. The Trade Council China can assist you in advancing the criteria. The criteria will be defined on the basis of your company’s ambition, mission, vision, business strategy, and if needed, it can also include the Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when forming the criteria for your partner search.
On the basis of the criteria defined, The Trade Council’s Danish sector experts and local commercial officers, will set the team to conduct your partner search, we offer assistance within the following areas:

  • Setting up your partner criteria
  • Partner profile
  • Desk- and field research
  • Screening of potential local business partner(s)
  • Presentation of business idea, products, or projects
  • Initial dialogue with local business partner(s)
  • Indicative analysis of business options


Recruiting in China is not always easy. You may receive 400 applications for a given position and understanding the quality of the applications requires local expertise.

The Trade Council can help you with recruitment in the following ways:

  • Advising on the local labour market conditions
  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Advertising and translation
  • Pre-selection, short-listing and interviewing candidates – often The Trade Council does two or three rounds of screenings before our client joins us for the last interview
  • Setting up meetings with candidates
  • Arranging specific tests according to your preferences

When using The Trade Council you get an experienced recruitment partner that:

  • Has a good understanding of what a Danish company is looking for
  • Has hired a large number of Chinese employees for Danish companies
  • Has in-depth knowledge of local conditions and culture in China
  • Has a good “brand” among job-seekers, which will help Danish companies not so well-known in China to be seen as attractive employers
  • Full confidentiality
  • Can save you time

Regulations on your export markets

When exporting abroad, it can be difficult to keep track of the regulations that govern your exports. The Trade Council can give you an overview and assist your enterprise in overcoming any trade barriers you might encounter on export markets.

Technical export advice and case representation

Technical export advice is a service The Trade Council offers to enterprises wishing to be updated on the regulations for the markets they export to. The Trade Council monitors the framework conditions for international trade and has access to information about market regulations for specific products on the international markets. If your enterprise encounters trade barriers, The Trade Council can help to clarify whether the barriers are legal or illegal according to the international obligations of the country in question. Via the Danish Missions on the export markets, The Trade Council can also present and argue individual cases in international forums on the enterprise’s behalf.

Get quality consultancy support

The Trade Council can advise your enterprise in the following areas:

  • Trade barriers
  • Customs issues, tariffs and changes
  • Documentation requirements
  • Currency regulation
  • Import or export licenses
  • Transport regulation
  • Technical measures, such as inspection, quarantine, labelling, packaging disposal
  • Price controls
  • Insurance matters

Technical export advice is billed on an hourly basis, unless your enterprise has made a frame agreement for on going technical export advice. The first three hours of technical export advice per year are free of charge.

Make use of The Trade Council’s global network

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Embassies, Consulates General and Trade Commissions, The Trade Council is present in all significant export markets throughout the world. The Trade Council's global network of 250 advisers with local expertise stands ready to serve Danish trade and industry. For more information about export technical advice, visit or contact The Trade Council.

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Mr. Thierry Hoppe
Commercial Counsellor, Coordinator Trade Council China
Phone: +86 (10) 8532 9911