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Water and Environment

The theme of water resources and environmental protection is as important as ever in our modern society. Challenges such as pollution, climate change, droughts and floods demand we take action to ensure the safety of our water resources and environment. 

China is not exempt of the challenges of safeguarding the environment and ensuring sufficient water resources. The rapid urbanization in China accompanied with high population density and massive megalopolises requires efficient, knowledgeable and skilful implementation capabilities to resolve issues of water supplies and liveable environmental conditions. 

The Environment & Water Team work towards assisting the Chinese authorities and companies with overcoming the water and environmental challenges by establishing contact with Danish counterparts. The ambition is to give way to a sustainable growth by exporting the strong environmental and resource awareness found in Denmark, favourable to both Denmark and China, as well as the global environment.

The work towards this is done by our team of skilful and specialized team members that can provide in-depth knowledge of the Chinese situation, both in regards to the market conditions as well as the latest development in China. Through well-established ties and relations to the relevant authorities and industries, our team handles both government-to-government collaboration, as well as industry-driven cooperation.
Examples of our work and fields of focus involve areas such as:

  • Water redistribution
  • Sewerage and water waste handling
  • Flood prevention methods
  • Water purification
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Sustainable Cities & Buildings
  • CO2 emission management
  • Air pollution