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Design Team

The furniture, design and retail industry has traditionally been the backbone of the Chinese economy. This will no doubt continue for a long time. The Design Team assists Danish companies in getting access to this promising and huge market.

The Design Team has both Chinese and Danish team members who have a wide range experience ranging from academia and consulting to retail and production. Each of the team members exhibit specific knowledge, skills and abilities enabling us to solve virtually any issues requested by the client.

In order to provide clients with the best possible service, the team focuses on key areas through the following strategically chosen platforms:

  • Strategy development
  • Market analysis and partner search
  • Incubator (offices and services)
  • Trademark and patent registration
  • Government affairs
  • Events and marketing

Our strengths are, our in-depth knowledge of the market; our extensive and valuable network with the public institutions and private companies; our broad range of competences; and our dedicated mind set, to make your company succeed in this multifaceted and complex environment.

You may click here to download our Experience Denmark booklet 2019-2020.

Team leader for Design Team

Mr. Jesper Herold Halle

Commercial Advisor

Phone: +86 21 80250608