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ICDK Shanghai publishes reports on developments and trends in the Chinese market within ICT, Cleantech, Life Science as well as research and education.

We will announce new publications on our LinkedIn. Below you can browse our most recent publications.


 Paper about Danish-Chinese research collaboration funding opportunities in Denmark, Europe and China

Danish-Chinese research collaboration funding opportunities in Denmark, Europe and China
January 2019
This guide gives an overview of the major public funding programmes in Denmark, Europe and China that supports research collaboration and research activities involving Chinese partners.                            


Social credit big data trends China Innovation centre Denmark 

Social credit & big data trends in China
December 2018
This report presents an initial view into data and data practices in China, which may become increasingly important for Danish universities and companies to be familier with.


Chinese Open Data in Public Health  Chinese Open Data in Public Health 
December 2018           
The report examines Chinese open data resources available to international researchers in the area of public health.



Front page to the Sino-Danish Blockchain special report 

Sino-Danish Blockchain Experts' Dialogue (Special Report)
November 2018
In this special report, the four professors who participated in the 2018 “Sino-Danish Blockchain Experts’ Dalogue” share their reflections on the state-of-affairs in China’s blockchain sector as well as provide some feedback on the “Experts’ Dialogue”.  



new front page report


China's reform to close the Talent Gap
September 2018
This report sheds light on the reform of China's vocational higher education sector which is undergoing substancial changes as a consequence of the 'Made in China 2025'-plan that Beijing launched in 2015. 


Regional funding Research funding in China - Regional opportunities for Danish universities
March 2018
This report looks broadly at the Chinese research funding system and the ways in which scientists based at Danish universities can apply for funding in the Chinese system. It includes an overview of the national system, while also presenting important insights related to the regional funding mechanisms.


 Funding Guide


Chinese and Danish Research Funding - 2018 Guide
March 2018
The report gives an overview of of the publicly financed funding opportunities for researchers based at Danish institutions, working or wanting to work with Chinese counterparts.




Mapping China's E-commerce Related Research
December 2017
The report includes an overview of Chinese HEDU based research groups and the private (incl. state owned enterprises) R&D centers active in the wide field of e-commerce research, i.e. including topics such as FinTech, logistics and communication. Finally, a few expert interviews present examples of existing collaboration and indicate future directions.   


AI report picture


Artificial Intelligence in China's Healthcare 
November 2017
The report makes a deep dive into selected areas of China’s AI-driven healthcare, i.e. precision medicine, genomic sequencing and big data management. It focuses on the political framework conditions, the Chinese companies driving the development of AI in healthcare as well as the potential for further collaboration between Denmark and China within AI-driven healthcare.




Funding Guide for Danish Researchers Collaborating With China  
March 2017
This is the seventh edition of ICDK Shanghai’s funding guide. It aspires to give an overview of the funding opportunities for researchers based at Danish institutions, working or wanting to work with Chinese partners.    



Drivers for Innovation in China - R&D and Consumer Driven Innovation and Trends
September 2016
This report highlights the tight link between consumer driven demands and innovation in China. Moreover, it looks into R&D, consumer trends, drivers, key players and collaboration for five selected areas with special interest for Denmark.


mapping of

Mapping of Chinese R&D Networks
February 2016
This ICDK analysis provides you with a mapping of current development and activities in the Chinese R&D that corresponds with the focus of the Danish Innovation Networks within 22 specific sectors.




Online Education
November 2015
Online education is much more widespread in China than in Denmark. This report looks at the state of the online education environment in China and discusses the opportunities for Danish companies working with online education.




Innovation Cooperation - How?
May 2015
This report maps the innovation systems in Denmark and China respectively. Based on the mapping, the report discusses possible synergies between the two countries’ innovation systems.




Big Data
December 2014
This report gives a broad overview of the big data industry in Denmark and China. It also maps relevant Danish stakeholders.




Chinese Maritime R&D - in Ship Building, Ship Equipment and Offshore Engineering
August 2014
This report short report presents a mapping of the China’s maritime R&D efforts.


 '' Understanding the Chinese Education System and Matching Danish and Chinese Education Institutions
February 2014

This report provides a brief overview of the Chinese higher education system and compares its institutions to Danish counterparts. It also provides a general guideline to Danishhigher education institutions looking for Chinese partners.