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Innovation Projects of 2019 

In 2019, we completed the following projects.

Girl with computer

Innovation Project 1: EdTech Innovation Project

The project examines the regional differences that may affect the EdTech Industry in China. The goal is to set up guidelines for Danish EdTech start-ups or SMEs to scale in China.

Timeframe: January 2019 October 2019.

Contact our EdTech Innovation Officer, CUI Mingyu for more information.

Innovation Project 2: AI in Healthcare and Data Driven Innovation

Innovation and technology development in AI healthcare is largely data-driven, and in recent years, China has been remarkably thorough in its collection of data. Together with relevant Chinese and Danish partners, such as universities and hospitals, the project aims to build a stable and lasting platform for Sino-Danish AI healthcare collaboration and commercialisation.

Timeframe: July 2019 November 2019.

Contact our Life Science Innovation Officer, QI Yu for more information.