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Innovation Projects of 2018

In 2018, we completed the following projects.

Linkong building

Innovation Project 1: Digitalisation and its influence on education in China: the cases of healthcare, FinTech and entrepreneurship

This project explores digitalisation's influence of the future of work and education in China. More specifically, the purpose of the project is to obtain a deep understanding of digitalisation processes within the areas of healthcare, FinTech and education. The overall aim of the project is to explore ways in which Danish stakeholders can either learn from Chinese cases or contribute to their further development.

Timeframe: March 2018  December 2018.

Contact our FinTech/ICT Innovation Officer, Ran Zhao (, for more information.

Innovation Project 2: Circular economy and resource efficiency in Chinese industrial parks

This project explores how Chinese industrial parks can use circular economy-inspired technologies and Danish know-how to improve its resource efficiency (energy and water). More specifically, the project takes its point of departure in Jiangsu Industrial Park and will provide a deeper knowledge of concepts and tools related to circular economy and of the developing policy-field concerning resource efficiency - an area, which is becoming increasingly important for local Chinese governments.

Timeframe: Finalised in 2018.

Contact our Executive Director, Søren Boutrup (, for more information.

Innovation Project 3: Boosting start-up & SME activities through partnership with Chinese Accelerator(s)

This project explores possibilities for setting up an accelerator programme for Danish start-ups and SMEs in China. In the first phase, ICDK Shanghai collaborates with the Danske Bank-backed China-based incubator, nHack but other accelerator programmes and partners in Denmark and China are under consideration as well.

Timeframe: Finalised in 2018.

Contact our Executive Director, Søren Boutrup (, for more information.