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Blockchain investment and technology development

24.09.2019  03:26

When it comes to future business opportunities of blockchain, investment and technology development go hand in hand as determining factors.


The role of tech development and investment in blockchain

The interplay between investment and technology development has significant implications for the market expansion of blockchain. By uniting Denmark’s and China’s blockchain ecosystems to develop the technological aspects of blockchain, Danish companies will find themselves in a favourable position in the current business environment where possibilities for blockchain application is still being explored in many industries and investment by venture capitals is a deciding factor for how the technology will fair.

After more than 10 years in the financial sector, Zhao Chen decided to enter the blockchain field. He has played central roles in the renowned blockchain companies Onchain and NEO and now works independently. He describes himself as an investorpreneur – combining investment and entrepreneurship within blockchain. What is the forecast for blockchain’s technological progress? How is the outlook from a financial point of view? Find out in this video interview with Zhao Chen.

Facilitating Denmark-China blockchain collaboration

Zhao Chen is in our network for the Blockchain Business Bridge. In a series of interviews with blockchain experts, we look into China’s booming blockchain industry from different perspectives relevant to Danish companies.

The Blockchain Business Bridge is a project that links enterprises from Denmark and China to open new opportunities within the blockchain field. It will promote synergies between business ecosystems of both countries and help Danish companies explore and take advantage of the vast amount of possibilities for blockchain application and development in different industries.

Contact us to learn more and join the project:

Ran Zhao
Fintech Innovation Officer, Innovation Centre Denmark
(+86) 159 0184 9534,

Ole Østrup
Head of Communications, The Danish Industry Foundation
(+45) 23 80 06 60,

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