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Building trust in global trade with blockchain

18.09.2019  11:09

Participating in developing blockchain technology for global trade holds great business opportunities, according to APMEN's Senior Manager, Zheng Kewei.

A new era in global trade awaits with blockchain technology

Since the dawn of global trade, transparency and trust have been two fundamental challenges. Blockchain technology, however, has the potential to eliminate these obstacles for the industry to optimise processes for stakeholders in the supply chain. For Danish companies, taking part in developing this technology holds great business opportunities. 

We met with Zheng Kewei, Senior Manager and Blockchain Expert at APMEN, to learn about blockchain application in global trade. APMEN stands for Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network Operational Center and it is an international project under APEC. The goal is to establish a network of Model E-Ports to provide a network platform for cooperation and interconnectivity among its member ports. To help further advance this project, APMEN is looking for a Danish partner collaborate on their pilot projects within sea freight data exchange and product tracability.

Blockchain opportunities for Danish companies in many industries

APMEN is part of our network for the Blockchain Business Bridge. In a series of interviews with blockchain experts, we explore the blockchain business environment in China and its far reaching opportunities for Danish companies.  

The Blockchain Business Bridge is a new initiative that brings together Danish and Chinese actors. The bridge will strengthen the Danish blockchain industry through closer collaboration between the blockchain ecosystems in Copenhagen and Shanghai.

Contact us to learn more and join the project:

Ran Zhao
Fintech Innovation Officer, Innovation Centre Denmark
(+86) 159 0184 9534,

Ole Østrup
Head of Communications, The Danish Industry Foundation
(+45) 23 80 06 60,

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