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Connecting Danish and Chinese industry and research for AI healthcare

09.09.2019  05:53

AI in healthcare in China offers exciting prospects for science and business. ICDK's “AI in Healthcare and Data Driven Innovation” project seeks to boost the opportunities.

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Aligning national strategies

For both Denmark and China, the development of AI capabilities plays an important role in the national strategy. Denmark aims at developing world class AI driven services for use in both domestic and international markets and AI in relation to healthcare is amongst the prioritized sectors. China is similarly determined to improve its AI in healthcare, primarily to combat issues of unbalanced distribution of healthcare resources. The municipal government of Shanghai alone plans investments of $15 billion, more than many national governments, emphasizing Chinas motivation in the sector.

Data powerhouse

Innovation and technology development in AI healthcare is largely data-driven, and in recent years, China has been extremely thorough in its collection of data. The vast quantities of data that China possess makes it an incredibly valuable partner in AI innovation.

As such, China makes for a hugely attractive market for Danish AI companies both for exporting AI solutions as well as for cooperation in development of AI in healthcare.

AI healthcare and Data driven innovation

To utilize this opportunity, ICDK Shanghai has launched the project “AI in healthcare and data driven innovation”, to provide knowledge and guidance for Danish companies and academics wishing to engage with the Chinese market for AI in healthcare.

During the project ICDK has done intensive research into the opportunities and challenges of accessing the Chinese market and ecosystem for both businesses and academics, as well as into areas where Denmark can learn from China and China can learn from Denmark. Together with relevant Chinese and Danish partners such as universities and hospitals, the project further aims to build a stable and lasting platform for Sino-Danish AI healthcare collaboration and commercialization.

To share the collected insights, ICDK will hold a seminar on 20 September 2019 in Copenhagen where the findings will be presented and expounded to an audience of businesses and academics. Following the seminar, a group of Danish representatives along with a mixture of experts from academia and industry will be invited to China to have a deep dive into the Chinese AI healthcare ecosystem

Additionally, a series of reports on Chinese AI healthcare in chosen sectors will also be released for interested stakeholders. The reports will be available on ICDK Shanghai’s website under publications later in 2019.

For more information regarding the project or workshop, contact:

Yu Qi, Innovation Officer, Life Science

Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0626

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