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Exploring partnerships between Chinese Universities of Applied Science and Danish Business Academies

21.05.2019  09:38

collage of the mmeting between Dansih business academies and chinese universities and companies

Universities of Applied Science

The Chinese government has initiated a wide-ranging project to establish ’Universities of Applied Science’ (UAS). These new institutions are intend to become a common denominator for teaching universities (mainly focused on BA degrees but sometimes also with MA degrees) and vocational colleges (up to BA degrees). This part of the Chinese higher education sector has, so far, been overshadowed by the focused on and funding of China’s research universities. However, new policies indicate that the Chinese government is committed to allocating funds and resources to develop the UAS and, by extension, potentially develop new attractive partners for international collaboration – also for Danish higher education institutions.

Inviting Danish Business Academies

Against this background, ICDK Shanghai – and the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science – invited Danish Business Academies on a study trip to familiarize themselves with the progress of China’s UAS reform and related developments.
The study trip ran over four days – 14-17 May 2019. The programme included meetings with policy makers, higher vocational training experts and visits to Shanghai-based Universities of Applied Sciences as well as meetings with Chinese companies that specialize in the vocational training. We also visited Danfoss and Lego factories in Jiaxing just outside Shanghai to learn about their experiences on the Chinese market.

Following the study trip, ICDK Shanghai will monitor the development of UAS in China and continue to work with the Danish Business Academies to explore new collaboration possibilities.

For more information about the study trip and/or universities of Applied Science in China, please contact Martin Bech, Innovation Attaché: / +86 158 2106 7165.



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