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Chinese and global blockchain market prospects

20.12.2019  05:37

Not merely a tool to optimise and enhance, blockchain technology has the potential to facilitate disruption of business models in all industry sectors.

Transforming industry sectors with blockchain

Blockchain is more than just a technological layer to existing business models. The transformative power of the technology enables existing business models in numerous industry sectors to be redesigned, for example in enterprise software, supply chain finance, and renewable energy. If entrepreneurs and businesses utilise blockchain to rethink the business logic of their respective sectors, this is will empower them to challenge and compete with larger established enterprises.

Vincent Y. Wang is the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Wanxiang Group. Having held a series of executive positions in leading multinational companies such as Intel, Infineon, and SMIC, he is now responsible for Wanxiang's ambitious blockchain initiatives. In the process of building the world’s first smart city driven by blockchain Wanxiang Innova City Wanxiang has made enormous investments in a wide range of blockchain projects and become one of the most influential actors on China’s blockchain scene. In this interview, we take a closer look at blockchain market prospects from a Chinese and global perspective.

Bridging Danish and Chinese blockchain ecosystems

Wanxiang Group is part of our network for the Blockchain Business Bridge. In a series of interviews with blockchain experts, we explore the fast-developing blockchain scene from perspectives relevant to Danish companies.

The Blockchain Business Bridge brings new business opportunities to Danish companies by synergising Danish and Chinese blockchain ecosystems – a gateway to access China’s favourable blockchain business environment for Danish companies in all industries.

Contact us to learn more and join the project:

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