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Disruptive China – What can Denmark learn from China and how can we take part in China’s high-tech revolution?

18.10.2018  07:10

Last week Danish Academy of Technical Science visited China for a 5-day study tour to learn more about how China is developing its science & technology eco-system, and how Denmark can collaborate with China in these areas.

ATV had chosen to focus on Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. The programme included visit to major tech hubs with some of China’s largest companies, most innovative start-ups, venture capitalists, think tanks and most prestigious universities.


A day trip to Hangzhou showed all layers of the cake

On the third day of the programme, Ran Zhao, Fintech and ICT Innovation Officer at ICDK, took the ATV delegation to Hangzhou – a city where all levels of high tech development takes place.

The ATV delegation visited the Hangzhou government, which is building a comprehensive ecosystem to attract young talents to the local universities as well as to the cities commercial sector. One of the places where Hangzhou’s ambitions are most evident is in their ‘AI town’, which is located in the Future Science City. Here, local entrepreneurs and start-ups have 300,000 square meters of floor space to setup ‘shop’, live, work and enjoy their free time as the space includes apartments, hotels, cafes, restaurants, gyms and convenience store – basically, an entire city devoted to R&D within artificial intelligence!

Lastly, the delegation visited Alibaba – the Chinese multinational conglomerate that specializes in e-commerce, retail, internet, AI etc. This visit gave the delegation an idea of the immersive and wide-ranging digitalization of the Chinese market.


Want us to arrange a study trip for your organization?

Then contact Søren Boutrup, executive director at ICDK, Shanghai to hear more about what we can do for you!


Pictures from Hangzhou

AI hangzhou

ATV Hangzhou


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