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CFO of VeChain: "Blockchain is a technology without borders"

16.08.2019  08:19

What can Danish companies do to take advantage of China's growing blockchain industry? We met with Jie Zhang, co-founder and CFO of VeChain, and got his advice.

Meet VeChain – a partner for our Blockchain Business Bridge

VeChain is one of the most popular blockchain startups in China. Their world leading blockchain application platform is adopted by enterprises in many different fields, such as logistics, agriculture, and retail.

In this interview with Jie Zhang, co-founder and CFO of VeChain, you will get an overview of the Chinese blockchain business environment and advice on what Danish companies can do to utilise the many blockchain opportunities in China.

Different perspectives on Danish blockchain opportunities

This is the first video in a series of interviews where we look at the promising prospects of China's blockchain industry for Danish companies. The different partners in our Blockchain Business Bridge will introduce their specific blockchain competences, present views on China's blockchain industry, and give their own advice for Danish companies looking to enter China to cooperate with the blockhain industry.

The Blockchain Business Bridge is a new partnership between Danish and Chinese actors. The goal is to strengthen the Danish blockchain industry by creating a closer cooperation between the blockchain ecosystems of Copenhagen and Shanghai.

Contact us to learn more and join the project:

Ran Zhao
Fintech Innovation Officer, Innovation Centre Denmark
(+86) 159 0184 9534,

Ole Østrup
Head of Communications, The Danish Industry Foundation
(+45) 23 80 06 60,

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