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ICT, FinTech and EdTech

China is becoming a global ICT superpower.

A vibrant sector with emerging FinTech and EdTech opportunities

China is the world’s second-largest ICT market. The domestic industry will continue to grow even stronger as China upgrades its telecom infrastructure and consumers demand more innovative products, such as EdTech solutions. 

Moreover, China is making efforts to develop a stronger internet based economy, for example through FinTech and blockchain technology. However, even though the market potential in the ICT sector is great, the ICT market is also one of the most difficult sectors to navigate in due to national security concerns.

We are therefore happy to use our expertise and network to help Danish SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs find solutions related to activities in R&D, market access, setting up operations in China, and more.

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Xiwen Xu
Innovation Officer, Tech, Cleantech & Sustainability
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