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LEO Innovation Lab

How to access 100 million users?

LEO Innovation Lab explores possibilities in China

LEO Innovation Lab develops e-Health solutions and add-on devices that improve the life of people with skin conditions. For companies in this sector, like in many other sectors, user cases and the data that users generate are fundamental to developing new solutions and improve existing products. Against this background, China offers unique opportunities, says Christian Sejersen, CTO at LEO Innovation Lab: “American companies working within the same area as us have approximately a couple of million users, while Chinese companies have 100 million users. In other words, you cannot ignore what is going on in China. At least not if you want to remain a relevant player yourself”.

To acquire a better understanding of the Chinese market and explore possible business models, LEO Innovation Lab asked ICDK Shanghai to organise an Inspiration Tour and an introduction to China’s healthcare ecosystem.

Approaching the Chinese market: where to start?

Prior to making contact with ICDK Shanghai, LEO Innovation Lab already had a basic overview of the Chinese market, including the areas in which collaboration with Chinese partners would be possible. But they needed more specialised knowledge about Chinese companies’ innovation methods and China’s medical regulations and funding mechanisms. Most importantly, LEO Innovation Lab were looking to build a network of relevant partners that in the short - and/or long term could facilitate LEO Innovation Lab’s entry into the Chinese market: “It was important for us to meet a wide range of companies and people working within the same area as us. We needed to get a better understanding of how they actually work, what kind of partners they have and which challenges they are fighting on a daily basis. Through these discussions we can start to generate concrete ideas and evaluate the potential collaboration areas,” Christian Sejersen continues.

ICDK Shanghai set up meetings with a number of healthcare-focused companies, start-ups and incubators in Shanghai and Beijing. These contacts, however, were just the first step, as Christian Sejersen puts it: “For us, it was important to come out to China and explain our business, explain what we do. When you meet the right people, you can get a conversation going and even though they may not be the ones you end up collaborating with they can still provide important insights about the market and offer ideas for other relevant companies to meet. This is what we experienced in China with the help of ICDK Shanghai.”

This is what we did for LEO Innovation Lab

  • Arranged an inspiration tour to Shanghai and Beijing in March 2018

  • Set up and facilitated meetings with the following companies:
    - Cloudoc – a health management platform that is part of the Yuwell Group
    - iStart Ventures – a venture capital firm, specialising in early stage investments
    - ECMOHO – a venture backed E-commerce company, specialized in online healthcare products and services
    - Cycares (aka Chun Yu International) – the largest international healthcare internet platform
    - Zhongguancun – “the Silicon Valley of China”, which is a large technology hub located in Beijing

Facts about LEO Innovation Lab

• LEO Innovation Lab is established by LEO Pharma and entirely owned by the LEO Foundation
• LEO Innovation Lab strives to help improve the lives of people living with a skin condition, primarily by means of e-Health solutions and add-on devices
• Their solutions include, e.g. Flaym, Imagine and PsoHappy

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