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innovation centre denmark

We help Danish companies, scientists and universities explore possibilities in China.

Focus Sectors

We focus our expertise within three sectors, all in rapid development with tremendous business opportunities in China.

Our Innovation Officers are experts in fields relevant to several industries. They are based in the following three sectors:

We also have expertise in different sectors and we can draw on knowledge from our partners in China. If your area of interest is not covered by our local consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support to companies

With the help of Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) Shanghai, Danish companies can tap into China’s innovation ecosystem, the start-ups, incubators, VCs, public & private entities. We can also assist companies in ‘localising’ their value proposition, business model, partnership and funding strategy.

We can help you discover, create and localise your business’ value proposition, business model and partnership & funding strategy. Equally important, we scout for new disruptive technologies, innovative business models and future growth opportunities here in China.

We share our findings with our customers and stakeholders in Denmark as a means for them to better understand the dynamics in China and gain inspiration from China’s fast-paced development.

Read more in our ICDK Brochure and find more information about the ICDK Strategic Foundation here.

Support to universities

ICDK Shanghai answers to requests from both Danish and Chinese stakeholders, whether these are from individual researchers, institutions, public or private organisations or the government. At the same time, we also provide insights to our stakeholders in Denmark regarding interesting developments and possibilities in China. However, collaboration is not limited to this framework agreement and individual institutions collaborate on institutional, departmental and individual level (e.g. exchange agreements, joint Ph.D. programmes, research projects, etc).

Chinese and Danish institutions of higher education already have very comprehensive and wide ranging collaborations. The basis for collaboration is laid out in the 2012 framework agreement between Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark and the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China on ‘Strengthening Higher Education Cooperation’ (the first version of this agreement is from 2007). Read more here.

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