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Danish Food Minister paves way for Danish exports to China

Danish Minister for Food, Fisheries, and Equal Opportunities Mr. Mogens Jensen is visiting China to promote Danish exports and strengthen Danish-Chinese cooperation on food safety and veterinary areas from 9 to 11 September 2019.

Chinese consumers could very soon get even easier access to high quality Danish pork and Danish state-controlled organic products.

Danish Minister for Food, Fisheries, and Equal Opportunities Mogens Jensen is visiting China on a three-day trip to Beijing, Shanghai and Jiaxiang where he will be discussing Denmark’s organic control systems and try to pave the way for Danish organic exports.

‘China is Denmark’s six largest export market. We could get even more types of products out in the Chinese supermarkets, ’ says Mogens Jensen.

On his first day in Beijing, Minister Jensen met with his Chinese counterpart Ms.Sun Meijun, Vice Minister of China’s State Administration for Market Regulation. During the meeting, both Ministers expressed strong desire for cooperation in the food safety sector, where the strong Danish control system has ensured food safety and top-notch food quality.

‘There is an increased awareness among Chinese consumers that places greater demands on sustainable and safe food production. Therefore, China is an interesting market for Danish food companies, which also enjoys great trust and recognition in the country,’ says the Minister.

Denmark’s state controlled eco-label highly respected

The introduction of more Danish organic products to China is also high on the agenda. As Denmark was the first country in the world that implemented a state control for organic products in 1987, its governmental controlled red eco-label (Ø-label in Danish) is highly respected.

‘As in Denmark, many Chinese consumers would like to pay more for food, where extra consideration has been given to the environment, nature and animal welfare. I want to help these consumers with easier access to healthy, safe, and high-quality food,’ says Mogens Jensen.

Since 2014, exports of organic products from Denmark to China have quadrupled.

On Tuesday, Minister Jensen talked with Mr. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, to discuss the agricultural strategic sector cooperation (SSC).

On Wednesday, the 11th of September, the Minister will open a new meat production factory of the famous brand Danish Crown in Jaixing of Zhejiang Province. The factory has 17,000 square meters and is foreseen to produce 14, 000 tons of refined products annually. All the meat for the factory will come from Denmark, from where the frozen meat is transported to the factory and processed before being sold to the consumer. Chinese consumers will be able to purchase the meat from the platforms of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba.

10.09.2019  05:02