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Consulate General in Shanghai co-organise Chinese opera salon

28.05.2013  05:21
The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai co-organised a salon on the traditional art form of Chinese Kunqu opera on May 19th.  

On May 19th The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and the Consulate General of Hungary joined forces with Shanghai Institute of Language and Culture to present a salon of traditional Chinese Kunqu opera, which is one of China's oldest and most influential theatrical traditions.

Mr Hua Jierong, Director of Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Culture Exchange Commission and Mr Chai Mingjiong, Dean at the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation and Director of Shanghai Association of Interpretation were among the participating guests.

The event took place in the newly opened centre of Shanghai Institute of Language and Culture, where 50 interested participants got an introduction to this more than 600 year old art form.

The salon was divided into two parts. The first part was conducted by former stage director Ms Agota Revesz, now the consul for culture and education of the Hungarian Consulate General, who compared European theatre tradition to Chinese Kunqu theatre.

In the last part Ms Zhao Yunjian, a kunqu opera actress, introduced some of the key elements of kunqu opera and invited audience to the stage for them try the movements and expression methods used in kunqu opera.

Chinese Kunqu opera has since 2001 been listed as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO because of its roots in Chinese cultural tradition and identity.

But UNESCO also states that Kunqu is threatened by the lack of a consistent programme for Kunqu performances. This is also a concern shared by the organisers behind the Kunqu salon and one of the main reasons for this initiative taking place.
The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and The Consulate General of Hungary will continue the fruitful cooperation with Shanghai Institute of Language and Culture in order to make more events in the future.