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Danish Embassy in Beijing raised awareness on mental health

24.09.2020  08:52

On September 19, 2020, the seminar on the status and trends of healthcare security for patients with depression in China kicked off at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Beijing.  Sponsored by Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, the event invited scholars and industry insiders to exchange information and ideas on the status quo of the development and treatment of depression in China.


With a growing awareness towards mental disorders, mental health has become an important agenda in both Denmark and China for years. People start to realize that depression, among other mental diseases, could exert great impact on the patient’s study, work and social activities and could lay heavy burden on both family and the society.


The newly-appointed Danish Ambassador, Mr. Thomas Østrup Møller, gave a welcome speech at the seminar and joined the specialists for a fruitful discussion. As clinical and policy experts from Denmark and China shared their insights , the seminar promoted joint efforts from both medical professionals and healthcare companies. By focusing on the accessibility of innovative treatment and healthcare security measures for depression, it is possible to secure patients’ quality of life and the productivity of communities.