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Danish Foreign Minister responds with gratitude to message from China

25.03.2020  07:59

Recently Danish Foreign Minister, Mr. Jeppe Kofod, has send his response of appreciation to Mr. Wang Yi, Foreign Minister and State Councilor of the Peoples Republic of China.

Previously, Mr. Wang Yi has passed a message of sympathy and well wishes for the people of Denmark affected by COVID-19. In the response letter, in addition to expressing the gratitude for sympathy sent to Denmark at a time of crisisJeppe Kofod sent his appreciation for the assistance offered by the Chinese government as well as Chinese foundations and companies to combat COVID-19.Furthermore, he expressed his sincerest sympathy for the people in China that continue to be affected by the virus.

“The spread of the new coronavirus has indeed created an extraordinary situation for the world. Containing the virus will require effective responses at both the global and national levels as well as close international cooperation and information sharing,” Jeppe Kofod wrote.

The Danish Foreign Minister is heartened by the message from his Chinese counterpart, including the willingness to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Denmark and China. At the end of the letter, Jeppe Kofod states that building on the already strong bilateral cooperation, including within the health sector, the Danish government stands ready to continue dialogue and cooperation with China, in response to this global crisis.