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Danish Visa in just three days

It has never been easier to obtain a Danish visa. A new Preferential Scheme is implemented in connection with the China-Denmark Tourism Year and applicants using a Chinese accredited travel agency (accredited by CNTA and the EU) will now experience reduced documentation requirements and a shorter processing time for visa issuance.

Applicants using Chinese recognized travel agencies approved by CNTA and which is also part of the EU list of accredited travel agencies for ADS travel will have easier access to quick and easy visa processing at the Danish representations in China. The travel agencies will have to register for the “Preferential Scheme” at the Danish missions in China. The registration can be done at the Embassy in Beijing and at the Consulates General in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Please send an e-mail to, or, or for more information and practical advice about the registration at each mission. Please mark you request “Preferential Scheme”.

The Chinese travel agency accredited the “Preferential Scheme” is required to have an agreement with an accredited partner in Denmark similar to the ADS/STV arrangement. However, it does not have to be a Danish travel agency. It can also be one of the hotels on the OTC list. The Chinese travel agency is free to choose as long as the partner is accredited.

The applicants using the Chinese accredited travel agencies will benefit from reduced documentation requirements in the application process. A letter guaranteeing a package journey from the Chinese accredited travel agency will replace the requirement for travel itinerary, flight booking and accommodation. The document should be submitted along with the visa application and must be signed by a member of senior management from the accredited agency. The signatures will be checked every time by the mission which receives the application. Any erroneous or false information in this document or any other submitted documents related to the application may lead to the Chinese travel agency being excluded from the Preferential Scheme programme.

Applicants using the Chinese accredited travel agencies can achieve a shorter case processing (preferably 3 days depending on caseload and high/low season).

The accredited Chinese travel agencies will be assigned a special contact point to the Danish representations in China (either in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou depending on where the agency will be accredited).

The preferential scheme will be valid for Chinese citizens only.

The accredited Chinese travel agency must guarantee that main destination is the Kingdom of Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands included).

The visa may be issued with single entry and a maximum validity of 30 days.

Applications must be submitted to one of our visa application centres.

08.12.2017  03:43