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Procedures for individual- and group tourism and Red Carpet business visa

You can find more about procedures for group- and invididual tourism and Red Carpet business visa by navigating to the left of this page and below.


Visa for Greenland and the Faroe Islands?


Visa applications to Greenland and the Faroe Islands should be submitted to a Danish Visa Application Centre.


Other European Embassies cannot grant you a visa for Greenland or the Faroe Islands.


Applicants should follow the lists of documentation to make sure that all necessary documents are enclosed for obtaining a visa. Please pay attention to any legalised documents required from the lists, as this procedure can take from 2-14 days.

Failure to submit documents, which are required for the case processing, within 5 days may lead to a rejection of the case. All missing documents must be forwarded together.


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