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Research and Education Services

We work with Danish and Chinese higher education (universities, university colleges and business academies) to strengthen existing collaboration and setup new forms of collaboration.

Networks, partnerships and agreements

We facilitate networks, partnerships and agreements between you and relevant partners in China.

We arrange camps for students and companies with the purpose of solving real-life challenges. The purpose is to strengthen the entrepreneurial competences of both students and employees and provide the company with new ideas.

Furthermore, we promote Danish higher education through initiatives such as Top Talent Denmark aimed at attracting Chinese students to Denmark and to Danish companies.


Insights about Education, Research and Innovation in China

One of our most important assignments is to act as Danish higher education institutions’ liaison office in China. We also gather information about the developments in Chinese higher education, research and innovation. We communicate these insights either in the form of our own publications, presentations, iBlogs or publications published by third parties.

It is our aim that these insights will provide Danish higher education institutions the best possible platform for exploring possibilities in China and/or engaging with Chinese partners. However, we also realize that you may have special areas of interest that we have not covered. In that case, please get in touch [link].

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