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Our Partners

To widen our reach in China, ICDK Shanghai is working with a range of partners in Shanghai and elsewhere.

Our partners range from specific companies and universities to government and public organisations. Some of these partnerships are established ad hoc based on individual projects’ needs and requirements. Others are strategic, long-term partnerships based on a Memorandum of Understanding or an actual collaboration agreement. Below, we have listed examples of some of our formal partnerships including area of collaboration. These are partners that we have developed a close collaborative relationship with; they have either tailor made or standard solutions that complement the services that ICDK Shanghai provides.

Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research:

Joint research and student workshops, innovation projects, internships


Incubator and accelerator in Beijing, support to Danish start-ups and SMEs

Yangzi River Delta Creative Economy Cooperation Committee:

Professional training for manufacturing companies in the Yangzi river delta and entrepreneurship in education

Chongqing Sinodyna Technology Transfer Service Center

Incubator and accelerator in Chongqing, support to Danish start-ups and SMEs