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ICDK introduces the new Tech Ambassador to nHack

08.02.2018  11:00

In the beginning of 2017, the Danish Foreign Minister announced how Denmark would appoint the world’s first Tech Ambassador, and in May 2017 Casper Klynge was officially named as the first man on the post.

As Tech Ambassador, Casper Klynge is responsible for a new Danish foreign policy initiative named TechPlomacy, which acknowledges the key role played by technology and digitalization in society, and the political and global influence of the tech-industry at large.

Through his first months as ambassador, Casper Klynge has been a busy man and for the second week of February his destination was China. During his stay in Shanghai, ICDK had arranged for the ambassador to meet managing partner at nHack Shanghai, Kjetil Lund accompanied by Morten Brandtoft, Executive Director at ICDK Shanghai and Nicolai Prytz, Consul General in Shanghai.


During the Tech Ambassador’s stay, Kjetil Lund explained about the philosophy of nHack and its partnership with ICDK. As an incubator, nHack seeks to help Nordic start-ups and SMEs situated within the tech-industry, and areas of expertise count Enterprise Software, Medtech, Gaming, Fintech and E-commerce, just to mention a few. ICDK and nHack has therefore generated a close partnership to help Danish start-ups tap into the possibilities of the Chinese market. Kjetil Lund further emphasised how the Chinese market generally presents many opportunities for start-ups and SMEs, however, to Nordic organisations in particular, as China is hungry for Nordic technology, design and brands. Nordic brands are associated with quality and credibility by the Chinese.

Seeing that the Chinese market offers great opportunites for the Danish tech-industry, ICDK looks back on an interesting day in the company of the Tech Ambassador and his team. We look forward to follow their work and hopefully engage in a strong collaboration with Ida Jeng, Senior Tech Advisor to Denmark’s Tech Ambassador, Beijing, to further mutually beneficial interests in China.   

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