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It is time to look beyond Beijing for research funding

05.04.2018  09:07

ICDK Shanghai's newest report on ”Research funding in China – Regional opportunities for Danish universities” looks broadly at the Chinese research funding system and the ways in which scientists based at Danish universities can apply for funding in the Chinese system. It presents a number of insights related to the regional (provinces and city-level) funding mechanisms. These insights reveal that there is a range of opportunities on these levels for international scientists.

These findings are important. Clearly, the possibilities offered on the provincial and local level differ from their national counterparts in both content and procedure. However, the size of the funding is substantial and with the right local partner, competition is less fierce and the funding potentially flexible. In other words, while there are still lots of research funding available in Beijing, it may be fruitful, for Danish scientists and universities, to look beyond Beijing, look to China’s provinces and city governments for new partners and new possibilities.

One international scientist, who has hands-on experience with the Chinese research funding system, is Erik Forsberg, Associate Professor at Hangzhou University and a 2015 Thousand Talent-scholar. From the video below, you get his insights about the "Thousand Talents" programme and the Chinese research funding system in general.

Like previous years, ICDK Shanghai has also prepared an update of the annual funding guide, which provides an overview of opportunities for external research funding on a national level in China. This guide aspires to give an overview of the public financed funding opportunities for researchers based at Danish institutions, which are already working or wanting to work with Chinese counterparts. The guide provides a snapshot of the current openings, deadlines and URLs to the official call texts (where available).

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