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ICDK Shanghai meets one of China's front-runners within blockchain research - Suzhou Tongji Fintech Research Institute

13.04.2018  04:35

On April 9th 2018, Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai visited Suzhou Tongji Fintech Research Institute. The Executive Director of Tongji Fintech Research Institute, Mr Xiaofeng Ma and Vice Executive Director Mr Qiang Wan warmly welcomed us.

Suzhou Tongji Fintech Research Institute is co-founded by Tongji University and Suzhou’s government. It is a leading research institution within blockchain technology in China. Their self-developed consortium blockchain– Wetrust Chain, is designed for enterprises’ and institutions’ application scenarios across different sectors including finance, healthcare and agriculture. They have also established an incubator – Chain Valley, and training programs to nurture start-ups and talents within the blockchain industry.

Suzhou is not the only city in China, which embraces blockchain as part of its development plan. On the same day, the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park was launched, and a $1.6B Global Blockchain Innovation Fund jointly funded by the Yuhang District Government, the Future Science and Technology City Administrative Committee, and the Hangzhou Yanqi Investment Management Co. was announced.

China already owns the largest number of blockchain patents in the world, and with the large support and investment from the government, the heat of blockchain will definitely keep on going.

If you want to know more about blockchain in China, please contact our Fintech/IOT Innovation Officer, Ran Zhao for more information.

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