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28.09.2017: Denmark as country of honor at Pujiang Innovation Forum

23.11.2017  03:50

Last weekend, Denmark successfully performed with its title as “Country of Honor” at Pujiang Innovation Forum in Shanghai. The forum attracted over 140 high-ranking government officials, renowned scholars and influential entrepreneurs as well as nearly 20 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Iran and South Korea. Innovation Centre Denmark had taken part in the arrangement of this year’s forum and thus followed the events closely throughout the weekend’s program.


At the Opening Ceremony, Søren Pind, Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, made a speech, where he emphasised the growing cooperation between China and Denmark. Moreover, Nicolai Prytz, Danish Consul General, moderated presentations by Danish and Chinese innovative companies and experts from academia that gave new and international perspectives on developments within science and technology.

“Denmark is one of the most innovative countries in the world,” said Luo Dajin, Director of Shanghai Institute of Science of Science. “The country has been very successful in developing cooperation between universities and enterprises, particularly within commercialization of technology.” He added that China and Denmark have close cooperation in several fields, such as biomedicine, and that the forum will further deepen the cooperation between the two countries within science and technology.


Pujiang Innovation Forum was founded in 2008 by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai’s municipal government. In the recent years, promoting innovation has figured high on the Chinese government’s political agenda. The Pujiang Innovation Forum promotes global innovation and strengthens cooperation and communication between countries as well as between leading opinion makers and international experts. Many international leaders have paid close attention to this forum, which has attracted a dazzling list of top government officials, renowned academics and executives.

This annual Pujiang Innovation Forum was themed “Global Science and Technology Innovation Hubs: Patterns and Prospects”. With 147 guest speakers, the forum had one plenary session and two special sub-forums - the Country of Honor Forum and the Belt and Road Forum, as well as 12 sub-forums that covered guest speeches, dialogues and announcements on research achievements within a wide range of topics including future science, regional development, financing technology and smart manufacturing.

The Innovation Centre Denmark’s contribution to this year’s Pujiang Innovation Forum was further destined by the fact that both Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai and Pujiang Innovation Forum can celebrate their 10-year anniversary this year.