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Dania Academy signs with Shanghai Normal University, Tianhua College and Andersen Paradise

11.04.2018  08:45
During the winter 2017-2018, Dania Academy (Dania) made contact with ICDK Shanghai because they were trying to find Chinese partners for their Hospitality and Tourism Management programme, and needed help identifying the right partners. Following this, ICDK Shanghai arranged a five-days programme for Dania, which took place in China from 29 January to 3 February 2018.           

During their visit to China, Dania was introduced to a number of Chinese institutions and companies, two of which counted Shanghai Normal University, Tianhua College (Tianhua College) and Andersen Paradise - an amusement park in Shanghai carrying an H.C. Andersen theme. Especially the introduction to these two potential partners, showed great possibilities for future collaboration.

In the first week of April 2018, Dania therefore revisited Shanghai where they signed MOUs with both Tianhua College and Andersen Paradise.

The collaboration between Dania and Tianhua College includes exchange of both students and staff, as well as the development of joined curriculum. The collaboration with Andersen Paradise builds on an internship programme for Dania's students, which will take place in the park in Shanghai.

If you want to know more about Dania's collaboration with ICDK, and their agreements with Tianhua College and Andersen Paradise, feel free to read our case story or watch the video with Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Director of International relations at Dania Academy.


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