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Life Science and Healthcare

The Chinese Life Science and Healthcare market is increasingly attractive for innovative Danish medical, life science and health-tech companies, due to its demand of innovatiove solutions.

A doctor hold a gadget simbolizing the innovation of Life Science and Healthcare in China explorative by Innovation Centre Denmark

The Life Science & Healthcare industry in China

China is aiming to become a significant player in the life Science & Healthcare industry. The government are heavily investing into its goal by endorsing policies and health targets. International and domestic companies are positioning themselves as links in the global supply chain of life science and healthcare, native companies are behaving more far-sighted, research has become more collaborative, and the number of mergers and acquisitions are increasing .

With a growing group of elders and a rapidly increasing middleclass financially able to seek better welfare for themselves and their family, the Chinese system is under pressure. Pressure best relived with innovative thinking and rethinking.

The Chinese government is investing heavily into transform its life science and healthcare sector into a global leader and is increasingly seeking for international cooperation in innovative businesses and scientific researches.

What Denmark can offer the Chinese Life Science & Healthcare Industry?

Denmark has a lot to offer being innovative and creating solutions within the Life Science & Healthcare industry. Denmark leads the way in Europe when it comes to clinical research, it has biotechnology development competencies of international format and is according to export per capita one of the biggest medical technology industries globally. One of the reasons for this is that in Denmark the collaboration between private and public players is close, strong and encouraged. Denmark has a political focus of nurturing the optimal environment for Innovation, research and development.

All of these competences China value highly.

In 2016, China released their Healthy China 2030 blueprint that promotes environment management, public health, the medical industry and drug safety. The goal is to “intervene in health influencing factors, protect full-life-cycle health and prevent and control major diseases” .
Furthermore, in 2018, The Chinese National Health Commission issued the Measures for the Administration of Internet Hospital encouraging hospitals to establish internet platform and seek permission to run it. By summer 2019, the number of hospitals qualified to provide digital healthcare services is already 158.
China is ready to embrace new technologies and collaborations in innovative life science and healthcare. The demand is high and the governmental support is strong.

Develop your market entry with our Life Science & Healthcare Innovation Officer

Our Life Science & Healthcare Innovation Officer, Yu Qi, collaborates with Danish life science companies and healthcare companies, no matter whether the company is big or small, start-up or spin-off, searching for entry to Chinese market or further business development with Chinese stakeholders.
Yu Qi has a PhD in Molecular Medicine-Dermatology, where she worked on stem cell biology and skin regeneration. She has previous experience of working as a senior research scientist at Philips, where she among other things was the project leader of developing innovative solutions and technologies within healthcare, making collaboration with hospitals and leading innovation projects focusing on clinical trial design.

Contact Qi Yu to hear how she can help you explore your opportunities in China.