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China – the world’s fastest growing Cleantech market

© 2013 Jens Schott Knudsen | | Twitter: @jensschott

Denmark ranks on the top of the list when it comes to clean-tech innovation and commercialization. With the strategic collaboration between Denmark and China, more and more Danish green solutions and technologies are serving and contributing to the green transition of China, the world’s fastest growing market within cleantech.

The industry is continuously progressing as the Chinese government is making strict policies and investing tremendously in areas such as wastewater treatment, air quality control, soil remediation, renewable energy, and solid waste management.

Danish cleantech companies possess strong competencies within these fields and are developing tailor-made products and solutions, which are adaptable to a Chinese context.

Our Innovation Officer collaborates with Danish cleantech companies, no matter whether you are big or small, start-up or spin-off, searching for entry to Chinese market or further business development with Chinese stakeholders, we are here to help you.