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Ran Zhao
Innovation Officer, Fintech/ICT  
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0627

Focus Areas: Tech, ICT, FinTech, Robotics, Blockchain, Regtech, IoT, Smart Cities, Acoustics, Aviation

Competencies: Market research, technology scouting, investment pitching, financial advisory, business establishment and accelerating in China, bridging partnerships between China-Denmark private and public sectors, organizing and facilitating study tours/workshops/roadshows



Mingyu Cui
Innovation Officer, EdTech
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0628

Focus Areas: Educational Technology, Online Learning, AI Education, Virtual Learning, Smart Learning, ICT

Competencies: Identify business- and innovation opportunities, technology scouting, bridging Sino-Danish partnerships between companies, organisations and knowledge institutes, develop projects that facilitate Danish enterprises' (Giants, SME & Start-ups) growth in China, business consultancy service towards Danish ICT and EdTech companies



Yujie Su
Innovation Officer, CleanTech
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0629

Focus Areas: Clean Technology, Wastewater Treatment Technology, Solid Waste Treatment Technology, Environmental Sustainability, Green Technology

Competencies: Market research, technology scouting, delivering technical information into visualization, technical reporting, environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, solid waste recycling, composting process




Samantha Yue
Innovation Officer, Higher Education
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0625

Focus Areas: Higher Education, Top Talent Denmark, Food

Competencies: Running Top Talent Denmark project, attracting Chinese students to pursue education and career in Denmark; helping Danish start-ups and entrepreneurs in the food industry to enter the Chinese market


Yu Qi
Innovation Officer, Life Sci.
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0626

Focus Areas: Life Science and Heathcare

Competencies: Administrative and logistic tasks within the Life Science and Healthcare sector, providing innovative technology and solutions within healthcare and life sciences, facilitating and developing Sino-Danish partnerships



Hailey Sun
Project Assistant           
Tel: ( +86 21) 8025 0630

Focus Areas: Higher Education, Innovation, Science

Competencies: Administrative and logistic tasks, background research, maintenence of Top Talent Denmark social media platforms (WeChat and Weibo),  assisting team members in various projects within higher education, innovation and science


Søren Boutrup
Executive Director
Tel: (+86) 158 0058 0722

Focus areas: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Edtech, Business Development, Intraorganizational development

Competencies: Setting up collaborations with Danish and Chinese universities, start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses, building innovative entrepreneurial eco-systems, facilitating international sales and negotiation, international speaker and moderator


Martin Bech
Innovation Attaché
Tel: (+86) 158 2106 7165

Focus areas: Higher Education & Science, Chinese Innovation Policy, Chinese Tech

Competencies: Setting up collaborations between international and Chinese higher education institutions, establishing and running partnerships within the public sector in China, obtaining public funding in China, navigating and explaining the Danish science, education and innovation system                                   



Naja Morell Hjortshøj
Junior Consultant
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0632

Focus Areas: Higher Education Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneuship, Education at Higher Education Institutions

Competencies: Doing research within topics related to higher education, collaborating with stakeholders in the Danish and Chinese education sector, doing presentations about Chinese society, culture and innovation system



Lise Johansen
Innovation Marketing and Communication Intern
Tel: (+86 21) 8025 0631

Focus Areas: Marketing, Website editing, LinkedIn, Workshop and Project assistance

Competencies: Market communication through updating of platforms: ICDK website and LinkedIn, publishing iblogs and case stories, planning workshops and events, creating graphic material, ad. hoc. communication





Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai
Shanghai International Trade Centre
Room 3101
2201 Yan'an West Road, Changning District
Shanghai, 200336

People's Republic of China


Address in Chinese

丹麦驻上海总领事馆 / 丹麦科技创业中心
上海市长宁区延安西路2201号国贸中心3101 室 邮编:200336


Tel: +86 21 8025 0600
Fax: +86 21 6209 0878

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