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Innovation Camps

Our Innovation Camps target SMEs who are looking to access leading international entrepreneurs and innovation to boost the growth of their business.

What do you get?

We offer to subsidize a joint camp for you with minimum three other companies. The programme can include:

  • Workshops on pitching your business model
  • Introduction to the ecosystem
  • Meetings and networking with potential partners
  • Assessment of your business model or technology
  • Opportunity to pitch your business idea
  • Opportunity to promote Danish key competencies
  • Seminars about the ecosystem’s business opportunities and culture
  • Meetings with potential business partners

How much does it cost?

The Trade Council offers a subsidy of 50% of the billed hours by the Innovation Centre. Common costs for the camp are covered by the Trade Council. 

Travel and accommodation is not included.

Who can participate?

Small and medium sized companies with less than 250 employees and a yearly turnover not exceeding 375 milion DKK can participate.