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Danish Viking warriors go on expedition to China

15.06.2015  09:17

Two Danish Vikings have packed their chain mails, sharpened their swords and made the Danish axe ready for combat. During the period from the 14th to the 20th of June, they will be performing as living mediators on a special Danish Viking exhibition “Dragons of the Northern Seas” held at Suzhou Museum in Jiangsu Province. 

The exhibition is part of the ongoing Danish Cultural Season in China.

Since China is the home land of martial arts, it is with a certain sense of awe that the two modern Vikings, Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde and Lars Erik Pedersen, are leaving Denmark to demonstrate Viking fighting techniques.

The two warriors will be performing battle shows and give Chinese audience the Vikings’ true tale on whether the real Vikings were really cruel, and what is the difference between the Hollywood’s Vikings and the historic Vikings.

The Viking exhibition at Suzhou Museum, opened on the 27th of March, has already seen more than 200,000 visitors. It is expected that the total number of visitors will reach 350,000 before its closure on June 28.

“Dragons of the Northern Seas” has been created on an initiative from the two friendship cities, Suzhou and Esbjerg. The exhibition has been created by a consortium including the Museum of Southwest Jutland, Aarhus University, the Viking Ship Museum and the National Museum of Denmark.

The Danish Cultural Season in China has been created in close collaboration between the Danish Ministry of Culture, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, the Danish Arts Foundation, Danish cultural institutions, art groups and individual artists.


Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde (right) and Lars Erik Pedersen are in a performance of Viking combat techniques in Denmark. Currently, they are in Suzhou performing their combat skills to Chinese visitors.

Photos: Courtesy of the National Museum of Denmark

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