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Public health topics discussed at Royal Danish Embassy

13.05.2015  11:20

Renowned business people, officials, NGO representatives, experts and social media celebrities from both Denmark and China gathered during a salon session in parallel with Open Denmark Day, Monday, the 9th of May. During this afternoon session, participants exchanged their ideas on prevention of chronic disease.

The public’s rising awareness of their health and prevention of chronic disease were cast a spotlight during a salon session held at the Ambassador’s Residence on the afternoon of Saturday, the 9th of May.

The salon session, held in parallel with the Open Denmark Day, had participants from a wide range of related professions.

“Chronic disease has become the biggest threat to China’s public health ever since the 1960s and 1970s, this includes high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis,” said Mr. Jin Dapeng, President of China Medical Association, adding that these diseases have a lot to do with people’s unhealthy lifestyle.

“Around a third of diabetic patients, or 114 million, in the world are from China. This disease is becoming more prevalent in China than before to the point that it nears out of control,” said Ms. Rao Hong, VP of Novo Nordisk China, adding that as a pharmaceutical dedicated to lessen the harm of diabetes, Novo Nordisk is willing to burden some of the responsibility to change the current diabetic situation worldwide.

“Putting more new medication in the market with the help of R&D efforts is one means, while what we are inclined to do now is to control this disease by leading people to a healthier lifestyle,” said Ms. Rao, adding that the diabetic incidence rate is even higher in Denmark than that in China.

Rising awareness of public health has created this jogging fervor in China, with a lot more people are joining this new fashion. In a way of further protecting the public health, Beijing will step up its control over smokers in public by kicking in a new law effective 1st of June. “This is only prevention, as it plays a big part in our public health policy,” Mr. Jin said.

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