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Greenlandic ministerial delegation aims for more cooperation with China

Premier of Greenland Kim Kielsen concluded his six-day visit to China on 3 of November, during which he laid good foundations for strengthening the  cooperation between China, Greenland and Denmark in a wide number of areas.

Collaboration with China on mineral exploration, tourism, infrastructure, Arctic research and sealskin products promotion are high on the agenda of the Premier, who is accompanied by three Ministers from his Cabinet, including Minister of Industry, Labour, Energy and Trade Hans Enoksen, Minister of Fisheries and Hunting Karl Kristian Kruse, and Minister of Mineral Resources Múte Bourup Egede.

While at a meeting at the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources in Beijing, Greenlandic Minister of Mineral Resources Múte Bourup Egede expressed his wish that Chinese enterprises and investors are welcome to Greenland for mining and conducting geological research. The Minister further extended an invitation at a promotion event on mineral exploration and mining at the Embassy on 1 of November, where instructions and criteria of achieving the mining licenses in Greenland were clearly given and set. This event also offered companies from China and around the world a platform to talk about the potentials and future prospects of mining with the help of latest technologies.
Tourism promotion was another centerpiece of this visit. Highlighted during the “Greenland Day” event at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing on 31 of October, industry insiders shared their views on tourism resources, air links and cruise tours that help shape Greenland’s tourism landscape today. Guests also enjoyed a sealskin collection fashion show and seafood from Greenland.

“Greenland now welcomes around 1,300 Chinese tourists every year, we are eager to promote the image of Greenland as a unique and ideal tourist destination, and a mix of Nordic and Arctic elements, among Chinese outbound tourists,” Premier of Greenland Kim Kielsen said during the press conference at the Embassy.

“We are also planning to build a new airport and renovate the existing one, that is why we are in China looking for potential contractors and funding for this project,” the Premier added.

Chinese tour operators were also provided with the latest information about itineraries and the documentation requirement in a dedicated promotion event. The Danish diplomatic representations are the only place where mandatory travel permits to Greenland are issued.

At official level, Premier Kielsen met with Wang Hong, Head of China’s State Oceanic Administration. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in Arctic research, in a follow up of the Memorandum of Understanding on research signed in 2016 between Greenland and China.

“Greenland shares the same concern as China regarding climate change in the Arctic. We welcome researchers from China to conduct researches and studies. Under the MoU, I hope for more closer bilateral cooperation to address these global challenges,” Premier Kielsen said.

Apart from Beijing, the Premier, the Minister of Industry, Labour, Energy and Trade, and the Minister of Fisheries and Hunting headed to coastal city Qingdao for China Fisheries & Seafood Expo, where they met Mayor Meng Fanli.

03.11.2017  09:08