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Copenhagen guest city at Asia's largest designevent

London, Milan and Amsterdam have previously had the honorable title as guesthouse at Asia's largest design event, Beijing Design Week. This year the turn has come to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has long been ranked as one of the world's most liveable cities. And there are many reasons for it. Not least, the city's urban environment invite people to move around and live in them. In September 2018, a large number of Danish companies will be able to show a Chinese and international audience what makes Copenhagen a particularly pleasant city to live in.

 Not least, Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen looks forward to the event that runs from 22 of September to 5 October 2018:

Old gas tank as settings

It is under the heading Living Is Giving that Copenhagen will present Danish design in a broad sense, displaying Danish art and culture, lifestyle, gastronomy and urban planning, and not least green, urban and sustainable solutions.

The exhibition itself will take place in an old gas tank in the fashionable district 798, which for this occasion is being converted into a Danish city where more than 20 different Danish companies will exhibit and bid for why Denmark should be on the Chinese radar, when they renew, travel or seek gastronomic inspiration.

Future cities

Sustainable and living-friendly neighbourhoods with exciting urban spaces that are pleasant to stay in are highly prioritized in Copenhagen these years. It is also in Beijing, which after decades focusing on rapid growth, wants to make the city more attractive to its citizens.

Mayor of Copenhagen City Frank Jensen therefore sees the design week as a unique opportunity for Copenhagen and Beijing to exchange experiences, challenges and solutions for the benefit of business and cultural life in both countries.


Workshops focusing on sustainability

In addition to the exhibition itself, a number of workshops, talks and a two-day conference will take place under the heading Sustainable Cities.

"We look forward to presenting a whole row events, where everyone can get the opportunity to experience the Copenhagen lifestyle and participate in workshops focusing on sustainable cities, culture, wastewater, intelligent transport systems and much more," says Per Boesgaard, Sector Counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

The program for the Green Track events and workshops can be found here:

Event Programme

It is expected that five million international and Chinese guests will visit the Beijing Design Week.

18.09.2018  08:38