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The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs in China

The Minister for Foreign Affairs in China: Practical cooperation yields concrete results 


The 10th anniversary of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Denmark is the principal focus when Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen, visits the Chinese capital of Beijing and the Chinese commercial center of Shanghai on 20-22 June 2018.

During the last 10 years, the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has been a cornerstone in the Danish-Chinese relationship. It has facilitated collaboration between relevant authorities on important areas such as climate, energy, research, innovation, environment, education and trade.

The Minister states:

“The relationship between Denmark and China is a very fruitful one, and 10 years of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has clearly shown that practical cooperation yields substantial results. This is indeed worth highlighting, and I look forward to meeting the many Chinese collaborators who have played a key role in propelling the partnership forward.

Our bilateral trade is growing. Today, China is Denmark’s sixth largest export market. And there is room for even further growth in line with China’s continued urbanization and increased purchasing power. For that reason we will also look into how best to extend the commercial collaboration and what we, from the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can do to boost the development

Deliberation of foreign policy issues
As part of the three-day visit in China, the Minister for Foreign Affairs will also have the opportunity to discuss both regional and international topics, such as North Korea, with the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs, State Councilor Mr. Wang Yi and the Director for the Communist Party’s Commission for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yang Jiechi.

“Among other things we will discuss cooperation regarding relevant topics such as the green agenda and the SDG’s. We also have a very constructive and honest dialogue regarding both regional questions such as North Korea and Human Rights.”

At a Danish-Chinese celebration of the Partnership, the Minister will speak to representatives from 40 different Chinese governmental authorities, all involved in the Partnership in collaboration with Danish authorities.


Danish solutions to help improve residential areas
As an example of the Danish-Chinese collaboration, the Minister will visit an urban renewal project in Qinlong Hutong in central Beijing. Here, Danish companies will display how the Chinese can enhance their quality of life by applying green Danish solutions in areas such as urbanization, renovation and sustainability.

Furthermore, the minister will have the chance to admire Beijing from above as he visits Beijing’s tallest building China Zun Tower (528 m) for which the Danish company Grundfos has supplied technology in the form of water pumps and air-conditioning.

Danish business interests
Danish business interests, bilateral trade relations and commercial possibilities for Denmark in China is also on the Minister’s program. In Beijing, the Minister will meet the Chinese Minister for Commerce, Mr. Zhong Shan, and, amongst other things, discuss global trade issues, questions regarding bilateral trade and the conditions for Danish companies in China.

During his visit to Shanghai, the Minister for Foreign Affairs will participate in a number of commercial events, aiming to help open new markets within areas such as Fintech.

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