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Collaboration in the field of Health: Danish growth counsellor make a difference 

The last part of the summer series about Danish growth counsellor’s work in China focuses on health.

In the coming decades, the number of aging citizens in Denmark will increase significantly. In particular, the number of the oldest citizens will rise. It also means that more people have the prospect of living with chronic diseases. China is also in a situation where the health system needs to change to cope with a large aging population living who are living longer and with more chronic diseases.

Thus, it is a mutual need for new knowledge in this field that has prompted the health authorities in China and Denmark to cooperate around life science and in the area of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


More efficient approval procedures
China and Denmark also work together in areas where Denmark has special expertise. This applies, for example, to the field of approval procedures. These should be better and more effective in China, says Kristian Teglkamp, MD and teamleder for Health & Life Sciences at the Danish Embassy in Beijing. Through the Danish-Chinese government cooperation, Danish quality medicine can be safely and smootherly approved and reach the Chinese consumers, says Kristian Teglkamp. See more in the video below:

22.08.2018  04:27