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Food safety: Danish growth councellors make a diference in China

Third part of our summer series where growth advisors share the results of government to government projects between Denmark and China.

China’s fake food business
Food scandals and stories about food fraud are common in China. Meat with an alarming high bacterial level, rice containing toxic heavy metal and old cooking oil sold as new are just some of the stories that have made headlines in China the last couple of years. A development that makes many Chinese worry about the safety of the food they consume.

However, no consumer - neither Danish or Chinese, should have to worry about the safety of the food they buy in the supermarket, says Christian Dehlholm, former Ministry Counsellor for food at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

Chinese authorities are interested in a closer corporation with Denmark, in order to implement some of the food regulatory systems that Denmark is known for, he says.

Denmark educates Chinese food inspectors

Growth counsellor for agriculture and food, Tilde Hellsten, has been working with food safety in China since 2015. She agrees that the Chinese authorities want to work closely with Danish Food Authorities due to Denmark’s status as world leading in the area of food safety.

Follow Tilde on a trip to the local food market and see the conditions that Chinese food authorities are trying to regulate these years.

One area where Danish expertise has made a difference is in the area of food inspection.

In April 2018, Danish food experts from the Danish Food Authorities was in charge of a seminar educating 90 food inspectors from all over China.

But the collaboration in the food sector does not only benefit Chinese consumers, it also benefits Danish export. In February 2018 China granted Denmark permission to export heat-treated pork to China. A permission that the food team at the Danish Embassy, sector experts and Danish authorities had been working on for 10 years.

Watch Christian Dehlholm tell about the Danish-Chinese food cooperation:

Denmark and China celebrates 10-years anniversary of the comprehensive Strategic partnership this year. The cooperation around food safety is just one area out of 58 where in total 80 Danish and Chinese authorities are working closely together.

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