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Danish representations in China kick off food waste campaign on March 12


On 12 of March, the Royal Danish Embassy and Danish representations in China, kicked off a campaign to encourage dialogue and rethink the way we produce, consume and waste food. The date refers to UN’s sustainability goal 12.3 on food loss and waste.

Every year, almost one third of all food produced is wasted along the food chain from production to consumption. Roughly this amount is translated to agricultural crops the size of China. According to a survey made in 2015, among the four largest cities in China, 17-18 million tons of food is wasted by consumers yearly, which is enough to sustain 30-50 million people. In Denmark, a country of 5 million people, 700.000 tons of food is wasted every year.

To put focus on this global issue and what consumers themselves can do to reduce food waste, the Danish representations in China kicked off the ‘Better Food for More People’ campaign through a lunch and a dinner in Beijing and Shanghai respectively.

The initiative is welcomed by Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

‘If we want to do something good for our environment and our limited resources, reducing food waste and food loss is a good place to start. I am happy to see Denmark taking the lead in this fight’, the minister says.

Under the headline, “Better Food for More People”, ordinary consumers and social media followers have been encouraged by the Royal Danish Embassy to share their thoughts and suggestions on how to reduce food waste at home and on a daily basis.

"Yuan Longping"

Support from Yuan Longping

The Danish reducing food waste initiative is supported by influencers on both Chinese and Danish sides, including H.R.H. Princess Marie of Denmark and Chinese agronomist and educator Yuan Longping, father of the hybrid rice varieties.

In Beijing, the dialogue and ‘Better Food for More People’ initiative took place at a lunch at the Ambassador’s residence in Beijing, prepared by the Ambassador’s Danish chef, Krista Veilbæk Kristensen.

"Shanghai - Better Food for More People"

In Shanghai, a zero food waste dinner was hosted by the Danish Consulate General, in close cooperation with the Nordic restaurant Pelikan, local NGO ‘Sustainable Food Project’ as well as Winnow Solutions, which makes solutions to food waste in large kitchen.

To exchange knowledge and push the cooperation with Chinese partners further, the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing will also hold an international conference focusing on combating food waste later this year, where there will be participants from research institutions, think tanks, food industries, NGOs, etc.

13.03.2019  06:12