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Blue skies over Beijing: Danish growth advisors make a difference in China

Days with beautiful blue skies over the Chinese capital of Beijing, a city previously best known for its extreme air pollution. But things are slowely changing in the Chinese capital, and Denmark can take credit for at least a part of the new development. It has been the cooperation between Denmark and China’s environmental agencies and Denmark’s willingness to share knowledge on how to combat air pollution, that has contributed to the fact, that over the course of three years, Beijing municipality has managed to reduce its air pollution by 35 percent. 

Watch Mads Terkelsen, growth advisor for environment, tell about the coorporation with Chinese authories:


It has been the cooperation with the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, seminars and training courses on air pollution in Denmark, which has helped the Beijing authorities decide what actions to take in this area, says Mao Boyang, Project Manager at the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

And the cooperation does not end with combating air pollution. The Embassy's Green Team is also helping Chinese authorities within the area of reducing water pollution.

Denmark and China are celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Denmark this year. The partnership is what makes project like cooperation within the area of environmental protection possible.

10.07.2018  07:16